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RCCL Explorer of the SeasHello All!

I spotted this article on Facebook today and thought these were good tips to share for people cruising.  I have some of my own comments with regard to the article. With regard to timing, whether it is arrival to the ship for your initial departure or if it is a shore excursion, you  have to monitor the time and get back in plenty of tie to get on board.  I always tried to get back 1 to 2  hrs before the set sail time.

With regard to motion sickness. I start taking Bonine tablets the night before the cruise, and then I had success taking these tablets each night at bedtime to last the entire time.  Mostly 1 tablet a day was sufficient.  Some cruises where there is not much motion, I have seen some friends take 1/2 tablet per day  It’s really up to you,   I do know that it works very well.  Motion Sickness is a really bad, ill feeling, so I always prepare the night before and never had any issues.    The other tips in the article below are spot on, so I encourage you to read them all!

The question is: What is the first thing you do when you get on board?  Well, my answer has always been to get a beverage and start relaxing and enjoying the ship!

Source:  Article Post 13 Dec 2015