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As the cruise industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, cruise lines are listening to their guests and are making changes. In addition to keeping their guests happy, these changes are also being made to attract the valuable first time cruiser. Here are nine changes happening to cruises.

Looser Dress Codes: Dress codes have dramatically changed on cruises and are now much looser than they were just 5-8 years ago. On one cruise I was recently on, the dress code was called a “suggested dress code” and not mandatory. As dinner has become more casual, formal nights have begun to disappear. Celebrity Cruises replaced formal nights with a more relaxed “evening chic”. The world’s newest ocean cruise line, Viking Ocean Cruises, doesn’t offer formal nights on their four cruise ships. Also, when Richard Branson launches his first Virgin cruise ship in 2020, there will likely be an absence of formal nights.

Larger Cruise Ships: Cruise lines are announcing a record number cruise ships that will be debuting over the next decade.  There is one thing that most of these ships have in common,

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