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As a frequent Cruise Traveler, I have noticed that there is not much information on the web about cruise stops or ports of call other than what you see on the ship’s shore excursion list.

The cruise companies would gladly sell a shore excursion, but what information is available for those that wish to explore the Island or Port on their own?   What local excursion companies are available if you wanted to do something on your own or with a group of people you travel with?  That is the intent of this web site. We also caution that you always have to check in with your Cruise Line on any excursions you do to make sure you get back in time.  All times are subject to change, and it is your responsibility to know the timing.   However, if you plan appropriately and allow enough time, these tips on both your own self-explore and via a guided tour can be very helpful.  Hopefully, you will find useful information about ports of calls from authors contributing to this site.  We expect comments and reviews on the articles.  We also expect to review Shore Excursions provided to you from the Cruise Line, as after all, they are also a good way to get out and see what the port has to offer.   Lastly,  The Destinations section will contain information about various destinations from our authors.

We hope you find this site very useful and hope that you will sign up to be a contributor.
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Please Note:  This site and the information is not affiliated with any Cruise or Travel Company.  All information and articles listed on this web site are of the opinions of the author or originator.   All information, including but not limited to posts, articles,  comments, pages, and advertisements have no warranty, guarantee, reliability, ability to meet your needs, or promise,  either expressed or implied.  This web site is used “AS IS”.   All information is used at your own risk.   All information and content herein is used at your own risk.  Period.

Establishing an account, providing a comment is considered to be  in the public domain.  And always check with your cruise line before venturing on any shore excursion, whether that be a self-explore, DIY (do-it-yourself), or via a guided tour regardless what you read as timing can change.       Please see our web site policy.