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Bermuda Destination

Horseshoe Bay Beach. Courtesy Akem on

Horseshoe Bay Beach

One of the favorite stops and also one of the most beautiful beaches in the world is Horseshoe Bay in Bermuda.  For those thrifty cruise travelers that don’t wish to book a fancy excursion and pay per person rates, this itinerary below may be right for you if you just wanted to do your own tour.  Our do it yourself excursion is for a 6 – 8 hour trip, but you have to watch your time if your ship leaves the same day. Horseshoe Bay Beach is a Public Beach and has restroom and changing facilities.    So, to plan your trip, you can pack your towels and a bag.  Be sure to ask for a map of Bermuda as you leave the ship. They usually provide a map for shopping that has the details on Hamilton.   For the island, when you buy your transportation pass, they usually provide a small map with the routes.   For planning, Horseshoe Bay Beach has chair and umbrella rentals so take some cash if you are planning to rent (No Credit Cards) or purchases snacks.  You are probably wondering about the money used in Bermuda as I mention cash needs for the transportation, shopping, and public beaches.  Bermuda has Bermudian money, but they also accept US Dollars.  However, you do want want to have on hand smaller bills in Bermuda as getting change for larger USD could be a challenge in some stores and shops.  Some stores do take credit cards, however the public beach chair rentals and the public transportation was a cash only transaction.  Horseshoe Bay Beach has beach chair rentals and rest room, and changing room facilities.    For this trip, you want some good walking shoes and beach attire.     So with these plans made ahead of time,  let’s start our excursion!

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Snorkel Park, Bermuda

You docked at Kings Wharf Bermuda, but your ship is only in port for a day or two?  What do you do?  Well, don’t panic if you didn’t book a shore excursion. DIY – Do it yourself!  Within walking distance of the ship, there is the Royal Navy Dockyard.  Each time we return to Bermuda, we see this area just keeps on growing with new activities, shops and vendors.  They even have a courtesy shuttle from the ship’s gangway over to the information booth to save you some walking.     From that location, you can catch the Water Ferries to Hamilton or St Georges.    Just be sure to check the Ferry schedules so that you allow plenty of time to get back to your ship!   The information center is very helpful and also sells some souvenirs.   Also, past the Information Center, you will find a Bonefish Grill, and some local shops and cafes.  There is also a museum, and if you walk the path to the one end, you run into Snorkel Park Beach.

Snorkel Park Beach is a private beach and does have an admission, but there is also a bar on the beach, so ask if there is a fee if you just going to the bar.   There are signs posted. We also spotted a Mini Golf course near the Snorkel Park entrance too.   From the ship, follow the walkway over to the information center and go to your right. Follow that street down to the back side of the Dockyard. Snorkel Park, the Museum, and the cafe’s are all there.   If you are in a time crunch, and really do not have time to get to some of the other beaches, such as Horseshoe Bay Beach,  Snorkel Park is an alternative.  It is a smaller beach and since there are usually  2 cruise ships in port at a time, you do want to get there early if you intend on renting a chair (probably before 11am).    You can also rent snorkel gear and there are reefs to see at Snorkel Park beach.   The beach area is smaller than Horseshoe Bay Beach, so check out my article on Horseshoe Bay Beach if you want to do your own excursion to that beach.


Royal Navy Dock yard, Kings Wharf Bermuda

There are limited activities in the area, and typically there are taxi’s right outside the Ship’s gangway if you plan to use a Taxi to get around.  There are a few options for you to travel in Bermuda.  Taxi,  Mini-Bus, or the Water Ferries.  The Public Transportation tickets for the Bus and Water Ferries are sold right outside the Gangway, or over by the Information Center.   In 2014, the cost was around 5.00 1 way, or you can purchase an all day pass.  There was a children rate that was less money.  Just be sure to check the timing so you make it back to your ship on time!   If you are staying in the port area because of the time crunch, the Royal Navy Dockyard is an opportunity.

Snorkel Park Beach Bar

Snorkel Park Beach Bar

Click to view a panoramic pic of Hamilton, Bermuda

Click A panoramic pic of Hamilton, Bermuda

When you dock at Kings Wharf, Bermuda, there are several ways to get around Bermuda. One of the fastest ways to Hamilton is by water ferry. For a small fee, they can shuttle you by ferry right over to Hamilton, Bermuda.  As you exit the ship, head towards the dock and around the bend you find the location for boarding the Water Ferry and ticket purchases.   The panoramic picture above was taken right there by the water front, so you can see the lovely colors of the buildings and shops. There are a number of local shops here, and you can spend time walking the town.  As you turn around, the beautiful harbor stares back at you.   It’s not so deep, and in the past only the shallow draft cruise ships were able to dock here in Hamilton right up against the bulkhead.  The smaller cruise ships from years past had a shallow draft of 22-24 feet and were able to make it in here and dock in this vicinity.  Now, these larger vessels are docked out by Kings Wharf and you can use the Ferry, Cab, or their Bus passes to get around the island. The cost is not too bad, so take some cash with you for fares.

Hamilton Bermuda Harbor

Hamilton Bermuda, Click to see.



Bermuda Horseshoe Bay Beach

Bermuda Beach Shore Excursion

Bermuda is a magnificent cruise stop for travelers. This article will discuss the beaches you can find during your stop at Bermuda.  Some are public beaches and some are private.

For first time travelers, a little unknown secret about Bermuda is their public buses.  For a small fee, you can take the public buses just about anywhere on the island.  The fare depends on the distance you plan to to travel. But, the price is not bad if you plan to do your own shore excursion.  They also have taxis.

If you are docked out by the Naval ship yard, you may want to go to Snorkel Park Beach. There is a fee, but you will find this a very popular stop as it is within a few minutes walking distance from the pier.  A commercial establishment, but you will find amenities, water sports, rentals, entertainment, rest rooms. Click Here for their web site to see what it is about.  Near the ship is a visitor’s center, water taxi and shopping.

Downtown Hamilton Bermuda

If you are docked near Hamilton, or wish to take the bus or taxi,  a popular public beach is Horseshoe Bay Beach or Elbow Beach.  This is just a short drive via the bus or taxi.   Horseshoe Bay Beach is public beach that has rentals, restrooms, and a lunch cart for small items to purchase.   Elbow Beach also has a private and public beach surrounding it, so, you may find an on ship excursion that may take you to the private beaches that offer more amenities.  Bermuda’s sand is not shell based, it is coral based.   So, you will find it cooler, soft, silky and smooth to touch. There is nothing like it.  Take off of your shoes and and enjoy the cooler feeling of coral based beaches.  If you decide to do your own excursions to these beaches, just remember to check your time and leave within plenty of time to return to your ship.  Allow for sufficient time to travel using their bus schedules or flag down a taxi to return. You don’t want to miss your ship!

Bermuda Channel into Hamilton



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