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RCCL Explorer of the SeasHello All!

I spotted this article on Facebook today and thought these were good tips to share for people cruising.  I have some of my own comments with regard to the article. With regard to timing, whether it is arrival to the ship for your initial departure or if it is a shore excursion, you  have to monitor the time and get back in plenty of tie to get on board.  I always tried to get back 1 to 2  hrs before the set sail time. Continue reading


This web site shows a list of active cruise ships, the status, and a web cam link if they are equipped!  What’s really cool is that you can live cam shots from the cruise ships that participate on this site.  And, you can also see their current port or sea status.


Check it out!

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Hello All!

This section will be used to post articles on key destinations and cruise ports.  We have categorized the destination menus to sort the articles for easier searching and reading.   In the coming weeks and months, we will be adding articles specific to Cruise stops.

If you have interest in contributing to our site, please contact the Cruise Director