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Diving Shark Excursions

Dive Nassau for an Exciting Underwater Adventure Nassau Shore Excursions

When it comes to doing your own excursion, you can’t beat the exciting underwater adventure that you can do in Nassau at Stuart Coves.   Diving with live sharks is something you wont find on the cruise director’s  list of things to do, but for those daring, check out the Stuart Coves web site for your own excursion in Nassau, Bahamas.     They offer approximate 1 hour dives near the reefs, and draw in reef sharks with bait.   You will descent to approximately 45 feet and form a wide circle near a wreck.   From that point, the bait comes out, and the sharks start to assemble and your exciting dive starts there.   You can rent the gear, underwater camera and take spectacular footage.   The price is not bad considering what Scuba excursions could cost.  The shark adventure runs around $150.00.  They also have 2 tank dives around 100 bucks.    They will even pick you up at the port.

They also offer snorkel, coral reef tours, and dives.  Check out the information on their web site.     From here, you can book online.