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Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas Shore Excursion is a great Experience!

Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas is a Private Island paradise shared by Carnival Cruise Line and Holland America.

Originally developed by Holland America, this is absolutely a beautiful island stop with white sand beaches, chairs to lounge, food and bars.  It’s one of my top 5 beaches.

The Cruise Line had developed this port with a few shops, restrooms, some outdoor bars, and  food, of course.

Typically, the cruise line sends the staff on the island and they set up a buffet and provide service on the beach.  With Carnival, you use your Sail and Sign Card for all purchases.    They also have a hut where you can rent flotation devices, snorkel gear, paddle boats, and small tubes for a small fee.   There was also a small water park for kids with slides and fountains.     Additional items are available through the shore excursion desk, such as para sailing, tours, and

The ship uses 2 tenders stationed at the Island to ferry the passengers and staff to their port.  Once you depart, you walk into a small square of shops, a bar, and restrooms. From here, if you purchased an excursion, you will depart for the excursion.  Or for those just walking off the ship, you can head over to the beach or bar areas.






Once ashore, the beach presents a large crescent shaped view with absolutely stunning white sand and still blue waters that overlook the ship anchored off the b each.   The beach area had life guards and also contained a large, roped area for swimmers.  In towards the roads, there was a walking path for nature lovers, the food pavilions, and even a chapel.




We walked out to 6′ feet of water and were able to see straight to the bottom.  For those staying on the beach, there were plenty of lounge chairs to accommodate the cruise passengers who just wish to relax in the sun.  An excursion option, you can rent a cabana that featured some shade for you own group.

These cabanas sold out fast, so if interested in a cabana, you will need to book that way ahead of time.  The cabanas were a small 10×10 half shed sized platform with a sand shower on the deck, shaded area, and some had an A/C unit in the back.



There is plenty of food and walk-up bars are on-shore.  Carnival set up a food buffet at their food pavilion.  Overall, this excursion stop is a must stop for Cruise Travelers. It’s simply a paradise Island with all the amenties you find on board your ship! Feel free to post a comment on your experiences.

Cruise Director

Cruise Lines: Carnival, Holland America


5 Responses to Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas Shore Excursion

  • CruiseDirector says:

    Half Moon Cay is one of the top beaches I ever visited. Check out the article on Horseshoe Bay Beach which is similar to Half Moon Cay that is posted on too!

  • IVY TA says:

    I am interested the excursion for snorzing at half moon cay, Bahamas on 9/30/2012 for 2 people

    • You will do that on your ship. When you board, ask at the guest services desk on the timing of the excursion, departure and when to leave to get back on board. It is very, very nice.

  • Andrea says:

    My Mom and I are traveling to HMC in December 2013 on the Carnival Liberty. This was one of the Islands I was worried about being remembered during our Cruise, but after reading the reviews on several different websites, I am frankly more excited about seeing this Island over all of the others. We even went back and booked the Stingray excursion!
    I look forward to returning to this site, and writing a review of our experience.
    Happy Cruising!