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Click to view a panoramic pic of Hamilton, Bermuda

Click A panoramic pic of Hamilton, Bermuda

When you dock at Kings Wharf, Bermuda, there are several ways to get around Bermuda. One of the fastest ways to Hamilton is by water ferry. For a small fee, they can shuttle you by ferry right over to Hamilton, Bermuda.  As you exit the ship, head towards the dock and around the bend you find the location for boarding the Water Ferry and ticket purchases.   The panoramic picture above was taken right there by the water front, so you can see the lovely colors of the buildings and shops. There are a number of local shops here, and you can spend time walking the town.  As you turn around, the beautiful harbor stares back at you.   It’s not so deep, and in the past only the shallow draft cruise ships were able to dock here in Hamilton right up against the bulkhead.  The smaller cruise ships from years past had a shallow draft of 22-24 feet and were able to make it in here and dock in this vicinity.  Now, these larger vessels are docked out by Kings Wharf and you can use the Ferry, Cab, or their Bus passes to get around the island. The cost is not too bad, so take some cash with you for fares.

Hamilton Bermuda Harbor

Hamilton Bermuda, Click to see.