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To be a little more precise Barge Ladies Cruise Lines are going to be parading their guests around various sites that were a part of the Harry Potter franchise but that’s pretty much the extent of it. Fans of the movies will be able to visit these locations and look around but aside from that it’s just a regular cruise. Plus, the cruise itself won’t have as much to do with the films as fans might like but they will be serving meals inspired by the film and the sites will become more impressive as they go along. It should be a fun cruise no matter what a person expects, but there are a couple of things anyone thinking of going might want to know about before moving forward.

One is that the cruise costs well over $4,000, and two is the fact that this doesn’t include the cost of actually getting to England, since the cruise ship will be making its way out of London to begin the week-long tour. So unless that amount doesn’t bother you the chances of making this cruise would be slim to none. That’s too bad since it seems like it would be a pleasant

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