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Last year I spent two weeks on a Mediterranean cruise, filming a one-hour TV show that will present an honest look at the pros and cons of cruising and will equip travelers with the knowledge they need to be smart cruisers.

You might not think of it as budget travel, but cruising can be extremely affordable. When you consider that the price includes accommodations, food, and transportation to far-flung destinations, it’s simply a steal. But reckless spending on a cruise can rip through a tight budget like a grenade in a dollhouse. Stay away from the casino, beware of the specialty restaurants, and keep to a budget if you order any liquor.

Here are a few more tips for making the most of your next cruise.



Arriving in your port city a day or more before your cruise gives you the chance to get over jet lag, see your departure city (which is generally not part of your cruise itinerary), and avoid the potential stress of missing your cruise. When you’re ready to board, make sure you’re not carrying forbidden items, ranging from a clothes iron to firearms to alcohol (most cruise lines don’t let you BYOB).

Unpack thoroughly and thoughtfully right away. Clutter

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