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RCCL Explorer of the Seas

Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas


Labadee Haiti Resort is a privately leased port on the northern island of Haiti.  This Royal Caribbean’s Shore Excursion is a private resort and a common stop for the fleet in the Caribbean.    In the past, the ships would be tendered into the cove, however, with the larger  Oasis of the Seas and Allure of the Seas in the Caribbean rotation, Royal Caribbean International invested millions of dollars in this resort and put in a large port.

Just your Sail Pass and some Cash is needed!
….and your beach attire too!

The resort island is linked to the ship so your sail pass works just fine for charges.  Other than your beach attire, water shoes, you just need your sail pass and some cash if you plan to shop at the local flea market held by local Haitians that are permitted into the resort to sell their items.   You also need some small bills or  petty cash for tips to the local Haitians who assist you at the beach area for tips.    The ship’s crew brings everything over to the island.  All food, water, ice and drinks are supplied by the cruise ship.  If you have your own snorkel gear, you can bring that with your beach attire.      You want to bring your beach towels from the ship and pack a bottle of the water from your stateroom. Don’t forget the sun screen.

Aqua Park Labadee Haiti

Aqua Park Labadee Haiti


Departing the Ship to the Resort

When you exit the ship and walk on the pier, you have a choice to walk to the right towards Columbus Cove and the Aqua Park, or take a water taxi to this area.   The ship provides wheel chair access from the ship to the central area.  There is also a tram car that take you from the central area down to the Columbus Cove beach area.   However, if walking, you head straight off the pier, you come into the center area.  To the left is a very nice beach area. You will see the end area of the Zip Line. The Artisan’s market.  Rest Rooms, and the eating area.  Towards the top of the hill you will see the Zip Line and the Dragon’s Tail Coaster ride.      To pick a beach, a local worker will be there to greet you as you start heading towards the beach chairs.   They will help you find a chair in the sun or shade, but do take cash tips.  While they work for the resort, there are local Haitians that work in the resort for cash tips.

Both areas have bars, rest rooms, and the eating pavilion.   In addition, the bar crew comes over to help serve your drinks just as if you were on the ship.        The aqua park is on the Columbus Cove beach area and requires tickets and there is a stand to purchase the ticket.   To the left of the Aqua Park, you have the private beach area called Columbus Cove.  That area is a sand beach and you will not find too much coral in this area.  It is a good spot to swim.
This resort has much to do if you wish to sign up for activities on the ship. There is a huge zip line that goes from the top all the way down to the landing near the ship.   They also have kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, para-sailing, wave runners, and more.   Labadee® Luc’s Splash Bash for the kids is available and there are floats and mats that you can just relax on in the water.

Labadee Haiti

Labadee Haiti


Artisan Market – Flea Market

After departing the pier and walking in to the center area, to the right you will find the Artisan Flea Market.  In this area are a select few merchants who sell a variety of locally made items.  There are many merchants in this area and they sell similar items, so you will want to shop and bargain with them.   There can be some sales pressure.

Of some of the nicer products the locals sell, the wood crafts are really exceptional. They have a variety of wood masks,  carved boxes, and carved plates.  A particular items that had much craftsmanship were the walking sticks and canes.  They had exceptional carved walking sticks and canes for sale.  The artisan’s market also had paintings and other small craft work for sale.

All in all, this is very nice port of call that Royal Caribbean International has put together.  Be sure to check out the excursion activities on board the ship.  However, if you just want to do your own thing and go to the beach area, that costs nothing, and you can enjoy the ship’s hospitality on the island with your sail pass.


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